lunes, 20 de junio de 2011


+Going. Sorry. Love you.

-Scott, no! The ice! The ice is coming!

+Go, Scott. Drag yourself to that smucking pool, if that's what it takes. If the doctor comes back and finds the bed empty I'll make something up, it
doesn't matter, but get to the pool and make yourself better, do it, do it for me, goddam you!

- Can't. Won't ... work.

+Then I'll go! Just help me!

-Lying across the path... to the pool. It. Sleeping on... the path. to Boo'ya Moon from the airplane. Never tried anything like that. Thought I might fall, but I came out on Sweetheart Hill, like always. Went again from a stall... airport bathroom. Las time... greenroom, just before the reading. Still there. Ole Freddy. Still right there.

(Christ, he even has a name for the smucking thing)

Couldn’t get to the pool, so I ate some berries… they’re usually all right, but…

+It was too late. It was too late wasn’t it? You ate them after sundown. But it was all you could think of to do. But you were all right at the reading! That Professor Meade said you were smucking great!

-Dew. Licked it off the leaves. The last time, when I went… from the greenroom. Thought it might…

+You thought it might be healing. Like the pool. And that made you better. For a little while?

-Yeah. Little while. Now… I was lost in the dark. You found me.

+Scott, no…

-Yes. You saw me whole. Everything… -He uses his free hand to make a weak circling gesture: Everything the same. He is smiling a little now as he
looks at her.

+Hang on, Scott! Just hang on! Hang on… wait for the wind to change. No, Scott, the ice! Wait for the ice!

He says baby. He calls her babyluv.

viernes, 10 de junio de 2011


I was in a dark place and you found me. You saved me.
You were always saving me. Do you remember the first night I stayed at your apartment?

jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

He can't see the smile I'm faking;

and my heart's not breaking, cause I'm not feeling anything at all.

And you were wild and crazy, just so frustrating, intoxicating, complicated, got away by some mistake and now.

I'll be screamin' and fightin' and kissin' in the rain, It's two a.m. and I'm cursin' your name,I'm so in love that I acted insane, and that's the way I loved you.

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

When I'm gone.

So hold me when I'm here, right me when I'm wrong, hold me when I'm scared, and love me when I'm gone. Everything I am, and everything in me, wants to be the one, you wanted me to be, I'll never let you down, even if I could, I'd give up everything, If only for your good.

viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011


-Sí, Londres. 
-Sí Londres, ya sabes, pastel de riñones, taza de té, mala comida, peor clima y esa Mary Poppins de los cojones, sí, ¡Londres!


-Todas quieren llevar tacones altos, faldas cortas y camisetas estrechas, cuatro quilos de maquillaje y un novio perfecto. Pero, ¿a caso eso les dará la felicidad? No se dan cuenta que no viven su vida, no toman decisiones, no tienen aventuras. Yo no soy así ni lo quiero hacer, tomo de todo, incluso decisiones, río cuando tengo que llorar, salto cuando tengo que andar, toco el cielo acostada en mi cama. ¿Y sabes que es lo que más me gusta de ser así? Que soy yo.

jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011


Ríe, salta, no te pares, juega, cae si es necesario, y vuélvelo a hacer, haz pompas de jabón y explótalas con la lengua, corre a coger las gotas antes de que toquen el suelo, pasa los cruces saltando las rayas blancas, diviértete. Búrlate de los que intentaron hacerte daño, dedícales tu mejor sonrisa y que se pregunten como después de todo, puedes seguir en pie.